Nigeria Can Turn Its Population Into An Asset – Awosika

Report has it that the chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, Ibukun Awosika, has said that Nigeria can turn its teeming population into an asset that will generate revenue in foreign exchange for the nation.

Furthermore, Mrs. Awosika made this assertion on Wednesday while delivering a speech as Guest Speaker at the Platform, a flagship programme by the Covenant Christian Centre.
More so in her speech which earned her a rousing ovation, she said that Nigeria’s population is its most obvious asset, arguing however that that asset can become a liability if not handled properly. Our easily and obviously celebrated asset is our population, we are so many.
Further reports has it that by 2050 or 2040 we are going to be the third largest country in the world after China and India Good for numbers, but guess what, it’s not the population that is the real asset, it’s how we handle that population that will turn it into a real asset for us or a liability.
She opined that the goal of turning the growing population to Nigeria’s advantage begins with a deliberate investment of resources towards nurturing future generations.
How can we turn our population into an asset? We have bright minds, which is why Nigerians proffer solutions in other environments where they are nurtured.
All we need to do is decide our population is going to be an asset. And from now, based on the goals we have identified for ourselves, we are deliberate about investing in nurturing that Youthful population to deploy what is required for that vision to be actualised, Awosika said.
Nigerians are migrating, good We are many, as we say, there are many nations that need people; so we can turn migration into policy, we can turn our population into income-earning assets, she added.