Zac Efron Flashed His 2(X)IST Boxer Briefs on 'The Ellen Show'

Zac Efron Flashed His Go-To Underwear on 'Ellen'
Report has it that on The Ellen Show today, Zac Efron flashed his abs and naturally, the female audience members went absolutely wild. Nothing new to see here, that is until we spied a discovery that's worthy of your attention.

Furthermore, while sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres, the two discussed their Madame Tussauds wax figures. Since Efron hadn't seen the latest wax sculpture by the museum modeled after his physique in Baywatch, DeGeneres thought it was a good opportunity to surprise the actor by bringing the fake Efron to him in the studio.
Holy Sh***T Efron reacted loudly. Whoever did this, Im very impressed.
Nevertheless, while examining the wax figure up close, the talk show host pointed out the visible vein detail the wax artists put on the abdominal region, and without a pause, Efron lifted his shirt and gave the ladies what they want. Cool, great, good for you, Zac, but you should know that from his underwear waistband reveal, we can honestly say the actor wears one of the best sports boxer briefs on the market by 2(X)IST
More so, whether you care about Efron's underwear or not, you should care about this boxer brief that's a great choice for active guys with breathable honeycomb mesh fabric, a seriously lightweight feel, and the brands signature contour pouch to keep your man-junk supported. Though you couldn't tell from the waist band, these boxer briefs come in a bold blue color with lime green accents that give it major style appeal.
Were not here to encourage guys to run out and tell everyone that they are rocking the same underwear as Efron, but you might want to try out this pair to stay cool and comfortable during the warm weather season. They might not come with shredded abs and an audience of cheering fans, but these bad boys do help to prevent a sweaty situation down there when temperatures heat up. Don't thank us, thank Efron.